Can't nest file upload form into another form #74

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lacco commented Apr 2, 2013

I am currently implementing a form to create and edit products. Apart from a title and price, the user should be able to upload a picture. As far as I see the picture upload have to be wrapped into its own form, am I right? Do you think it would be possible to refactor the (really great!) s3_direct_upload plugin so that it doesn't require a form but operates on a div instead (as discussed in blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload#76 , for example)? Or am I missing something?

gwincr11 commented Apr 8, 2013

Hi Lacco,

Since the form is not actually submitting to the server you can submit the form and pass the returned url to a second form's hidden field.

Hope that helps,

anark commented Apr 10, 2013

👍 for this it would be nice to be able so specify this on a specific field and not need a form

sheerun commented Sep 19, 2013

My plugin allows for multiple upload fields in form, and supports nested forms:

My issue too 👎

lacco commented Feb 17, 2015

@facundofarias Just use @sheerun ' s3_file_field, it's working perfectly for me....

@lacco Mmmm I see.
I will give it a try! Thanks

What about the IE support!? Is it better!?
Thanks! 👍


andela-denoma commented Oct 21, 2015

It would be nice to see a fix for nesting the s3_uploader_form in other forms. It's really an issue working with forms with other fields

Any chance this has been solved cleanly? :)

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