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Provide the callback with relative path of files when uploading folders #78

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I'm writing an app where I need to be able to upload folders and reconstruct the folder hierarchy in my app. I added support for this by adding a "relativePath" parameter to the callback POST.

Note, while these are 3 commits, the third is reverting the first one so it is only the middle commit that contains the actual change.

P.S. I've only tested this on Chrome.


Interesting. I wasn't aware that it was possible to upload entire folders.

@waynehoover waynehoover merged commit 01d01e5 into waynehoover:master
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  1. +8 −0 app/assets/javascripts/
8 app/assets/javascripts/
@@ -115,9 +115,17 @@ $.fn.S3Uploader = (options) ->
content.filesize = file.size if 'size' of file
content.filetype = file.type if 'type' of file
content.unique_id = file.unique_id if 'unique_id' of file
+ content.relativePath = build_relativePath(file) if has_relativePath(file)
content = $.extend content, settings.additional_data if settings.additional_data
+ has_relativePath = (file) ->
+ file.relativePath || file.webkitRelativePath
+ build_relativePath = (file) ->
+ file.relativePath || (file.webkitRelativePath.split("/")[0..-2].join("/") + "/" if file.webkitRelativePath)
#public methods
@initialize = ->
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