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Bayesian Updating
Create an R Package for Bitbucket
Create an R Package with Rcpp
Finding your Competitors using Google Maps API
Mapping your Customers


This repository contains some example code that might be useful to marketers.

"Finding your Competitors using Google Maps API" uses R to do some basic webscraping
via the Google Maps API.

"Mapping your Customers" uses zip code information to plot the customer distribution onto a U.S. map.

"Bayesian Updating" illustrates the Bayesian updating process, which is commonly used in learning models.
-Apologies for the exposed Latex - GitHub does not yet support this

"Create an R Package with Rcpp" shows how to create an R package that uses RcppArmadillo and a custom header file.

"Create an R Package for Bitbucket" shows how to create an R package that is intended to be pushed to a Bitbucket repository.
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