Launching pokeballs at pokemon characters. Uses ezAR, three.js & physijs.
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Mobile augmented reality demo - launch pokeballs at pokemon characters. Uses ezAR, three.js, physijs and Ionic Framework.

This project demonstrates the use of free open-source augemented-reality and 3D JavaScript libraries to reproduce a basic example of the popular Pokemon GO mobile app.

Video Introduction
video introduction


Works on: iPhone 6S (iOS 9.3) iPad Air (iOS 9.3)

Fails on: Nexus 5 (Android 6.0.1)

I am early in the prototype stage and have implemented a rough hack simulating launching pokeballs at pokemon and detecting hits. Additionaly the Pokemon GO background music plays continuously (earworm). The project uses three.js, physijs, tween.js and the ezAR videoOverlay and snapshot plugins for Cordova.

The code is a work-in-progress and needs serious clean up and reorganization. This is my first real three.js project and I'm still learning the basics. I spent minimal time on the scene layout and ball trajectory calculations opting instead for simple empirically derived values while iteratively improving the prototype.

I plan to completely reimpl the demo once I have it working to a satisfactory level. See the platform limitations below for the small number of devices that I have tested on successfully. For the near term, please don't contact me reporting the demo doesn't work on your android device or versions of iOS older than 8.0 that do not support webgl.

##Build## todo

##ezAR Docs and Tech Support See for documentation and support.

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