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The Simple Python Tomato (Pomodoro) timer.


$ python -m pip install --user pymato
$ pymato pom doing something cool
Task - doing something cool

When the timer runs out it will emit a visual bell, so your terminal should blink or notify you of activity. Want to see what you've been working on?

$ pymato log
            25m writing pymato documentation
            25m doing something cool
            50m total pomodoro time

Right now that's pretty much all it does. It saves your logs to pymato.log in the current folder. You can delete or edit entries that way. If you start a task and you get called away in the middle of your pom, you can just hit ctrl+c. Then it will ask if you'd like to save that pom.

$ pymato pom a task that will get interrupted
Task - a task that will get interrupted
^C0:23:59Aborted - save to log anyway?
y/[n]: y
$ pymato log
            25m writing pymato documentation
            25m doing something cool
             7m doing something cool
            57m total pomodoro time

Would you like to play a sound on completion of your pom? Fortunately your shell has already provided that functionality! For most shells, this should work correctly:

$ pymato pom "play a sound"; ogg123 chime.ogg; notify-send "Done!"

That should work for most, if not all common shells (bash, fish, zsh).

Future Goals

I'd like to have pymato sum that would give you a summary - probably with the option to group by either task or day. Might be nice to see some kinds of ascii graphs or something too. I'd also be down with the ability to add notes to entries if you need to keep a record of things you've done. Or the ability to link work to your git/hg/svn commit history.