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A free and open account provisioning solution.
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Jane is a LAMP plus Samba based and open source account provisioning solution designed to use personnel information from one or many sources to create & maintain accounts for those personnel automatically.

Jane is designed with scale and flexibility in mind. It is well-suited for small or large school districts, universities, and companies. Jane is designed to work along-side an established SIS (student information system) or EIS (employee information system).

  • Simple web-based interface
  • Provisions & maintains personnel/student/staff Active Directory accounts
  • Granular user controls for higher & lower tier support staff for managing Jane
  • Supports an unlimited number of Active Directory domains
  • Supports an unlimited number of setting-sets per domain
  • Ensures unique usernames for all users even across seperate domains
  • Granular settings for each domain or user-type.
  • Innovative SQL-based selection for personell sorting
  • Intense security concepts
  • After setup, is completely automated.


  • Dedicated server (recommended to use a virtual machine)
  • CentOS 7 installation media (minimim will work but won't have a GUI after setup)
  • 2 CPU cores
  • 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 15GB disk (20GB recommended)
  • Internet connection during installation required


  • Install CentOS 7
  • During installation, Do not create an account called jane
  • Recommended during installation to create a /jane partition of at least 5GB
  • After OS installation completes, install git: yum install git -y
  • Clone the Jane repository: git clone /root/jane
  • Install Jane: cd /root/jane/bin;./


  • Change to the jane repository location: cd /root/jane
  • Pull the latest code: git pull
  • Install Jane: cd bin;./


  • Visit the web interface via a web browser using the server IP address
  • Default credentials are administrator and changeme
  • Create a settings-set, configure it as desired. -- During settings-set configuration, it's important to set the correct IP address for the system that will be placing the CSV file, as the jane server configures itself to not allow access from other IP addresses to this share.
  • Configure your data source to place a CSV onto the Jane server via the provided SMB Share. -- via Windows at \\x.x.x.x\imports\ Recommended to use a persistent map-drive. -- via Linux at smb://x.x.x.x/imports/
  • Configure the powershell template for the settings-set you made
  • Place the prepared script on the desired domain controller
  • Configure the script to run as often as you need via Task Scheduler on Windows Server
  • Enjoy Jane, the open, free, and automated account provisioning solution.

Feature Requests, Improvements, Bugs, and other things

  • Please create issues on Github for bug reports, provide as much detail as possible without compromising your own security.
  • For feature requests or other things, please email

Help Wanted

  • Need OSX test environment to develop for Apple Open Directory account provisioning
  • Need GAFE or Google Enterprise domain to develop account provisioning on those platforms
  • Need sponsors for web hosting; for forums and wiki.
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