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WordPress made dynamic, a Thematic Child Theme for PJAX layouts

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Thematic PJAX

Adds AJAX requests to Thematic navigation so you can navigate your site without full page refreshes. Only the content data is loaded. Uses jquery-pjax.

Thematic PJAX makes WordPress dynamic and adds PJAX to the Thematic Theme Framework. PJAX "loads html from your server into the current page without a full page load. It's AJAX with real permalinks, page titles, and a working back button that fully degrades." Browsing just "feels faster" and makes mixing and matching static and dynamic site elements a breeze. By default, PJAX loads content asynchronously within the #main div, providing load once static functionality to the header and the footer.

Why Thematic PJAX?

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Thematic is a popular CMS/theme framework made by the same team that develops WordPress, the world's most popular web publishing software. By embracing convention over configuration, Thematic provides an extensible foundation and rich canvas to begin any WordPress project.

Seamless dynamism

A Thematic child theme, Thematic PJAX is a drop in solution to creating asynchronous WordPress layouts. It looks and feels just like any Thematic project. However, as designed, content is dynamically loaded, while header and footer sections remain static, perfect for dynamic single page style layouts, all without the mess of #! hashbang URIs. Finally, page templates, widgets, and custom functions all work as expected.

Getting Started

  1. Install Thematic.
  2. Download and extract thematic-pjax in the WordPress themes folder.
  3. Add custom functionality in functions.php and style to taste within style.css.
  4. PJAX functionality is controlled by the Thematic navigation menu. To override this behavior, modify thematic-pjax.js.
  5. Activate the Thematic PJAX theme in the WordPress Dashboard.

License and Attribution


Thematic PJAX is built on the work of the Thematic Theme Framework, pjax-menu, and jquery-pjax.

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