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As I was unable to establish contact with the author of, I created a copy here.

The file verda.txt is from


* Sorting / searching in db has weird priorites. Ex: York gives jamaica/manchester/york. Resolve like this:
** Any request with several hits; list hits. no weather.
** Allow/requre user to specify: england/york or europe/york

Importing data into mysql

This is to enable name search (Norway and international).
* Create db with pyyrlib.sql
* Run
* Run

Copy of original README:


This library provides a simple api for accessing weather data from the Norwegian web site At the time being, it is extremely simple.


Import the module:

    >>> import pyyrlib

Search for location:

    >>> pyyrlib.get_location_url('location-name')

Get weather data for the found location:

    >>> pyyrlib.returnWeatherData('url-to-yr/location.xml')
    { weatherdata as dictionary }

Simple command line usage:

    bash: 'url-ty-yr/location.xml'
    [ acceptably formatted weatherdata in clean text ]

Known issues

- Fragmented and sketchy


- Develop into a real python library
- Connect the search function and stedsnavn.txt
- look better. Check if it's feasible to migrate to it.
- Add proper hour-by-hour for foreign locations.
- Add days to printout so days can easily be distinguished [requested]
- Add warnings to bottom, i.e. flood warnings.
- Python3, general clean-up.