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What is WayScript?

🦸♀ WayScript is a drag and drop programming platform built to give you superpowers.

🚀 Unlike many visual programming platforms, WayScript is a powerful programming language with variables, functions, recursion, logic, and much more.

🏗 We manage all the third-party APIs for you, as well as the cloud infrastructure, so you don't have to.

🎁 WayScript programs you create can be seamlessly shared with your team, company, friends, and the WayScript community.

🎓 Getting Started

If you're new to WayScript, click the link below to learn how to create your first WayScript "Hello World" program.

{% page-ref page="getting_started/" %}

📺 YouTube Tutorials

We publish weekly YouTube tutorials of use cases, functionality, and much more.

🔒 Privacy

We care about your privacy. We are not sharing data about you with advertisers nor anybody else.

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