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Managing Your API Key

{% hint style="danger" %} Always keep your API Key secret! This can be used to access your account! {% endhint %}

🔑 Locating Your API Key

  1. Navigate to your profile page:
  2. Your API Key is located in your profile, under your user info. Click the "API Key" button to view your API key.

Click the "API Key" button to show/hide your API key

🔄 Resetting Your API Key

To reset your API Key, click the "Reset API Key" button in the "Account Security" section of your profile page.

Account Security

You will see a dialog asking you to confirm the reset. If you reset your API Key, you will need to update any WayScript API calls in your code to use the new key.

{% hint style="danger" %} Regenerating your API Key will reset the key for all WayScript webhooks. This action cannot be reversed. {% endhint %}

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