Simple Node.js script that takes arbitrary files and turns them into .BMPs
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Simple Node.js script that converts your data into a .bmp image by taking the data and prepending it with a BMP format header. For the most part, the output looks like noise, but you can get particularly interesting results with other image files, and makes for a great source of noise or simple obfuscation (you can still open the BMP files and read the original contents in a hex editor).

Using it

Want to use it? You'll need Node.js and at least version 0.12. Once you have it, you can clone the repo then run:

cd path/to/repo
npm install
node ./index.js --file input.dat --out out.bmp


param function
f, file input file path
o, out output path
w, width width - height is determined automatically based on width and file size, defaults to 100

Global install options coming soon.



package.json from this repo! It came out at 10x12, but I upscaled it to 400x500 so it's more visible (TIP: if you're using Photoshop to size your images up, you can use the Nearest Neighbour resample option to preserve hard edges).


node ./index.js --file package.json --out package.json.bmp -w 10



4,632 kb file. Created a big field of noise. Not sure what the black glitches are towards the bottom, but they look cool!

node ./index.js --file EVE_Online_Installer_852809.exe --out eve.bmp -w 1200

657kb PNG

You get the idea for the command. Here's what a random image PNG looks like:

10.6 MB mpeg file

Loaded a large MPEG. Needed to downsize it a bit so it would fit on imgur.