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Dylan CLI Library

This is a library for building command line interfaces in Dylan.

It can be used for build programs with an interactive shell that supports completion and sophisticated self-documentation.

It is dynamic in the sense that command structure and parameter completion can depend on runtime state.


All dependencies are in Open Dylan itself.

Add a custom registry entry and build with:

$ dylan-compiler -build cli

There is also a demo:

$ dylan-compiler -build cli-demo

As well as some tests:

$ dylan-compiler -build cli-test

Completion in bash

The cli integrates with bash completion. This allows one to implement a CLI binary that can be used both as an interactive shell and from the system shell.

To enable this feature you need to load the shell snippet printed by the following command into your shell:

$ cli-demo bashcomplete

Once you do this you can complete and execute all commands that would be available inside the shell.

This feature is automatically available to library users.