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📖 directory lookup service for Wazo
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Build Status

wazo-dird is a service to query many directory sources simultaneously using a simple REST API.


To extract new translations:

% pybabel extract --mapping-file=wazo_dird/babel.cfg --output-file=wazo_dird/messages.pot wazo_dird

To create new translation catalog:

% pybabel init -l <locale> --input-file=wazo_dird/messages.pot --output-dir=wazo_dird/translations

To update existing translations catalog:

% pybabel update --input-file=wazo_dird/messages.pot --output-dir=wazo_dird/translations

Edit file wazo_dird/translations/<locale>/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po and compile using:

% pybabel compile --directory=wazo_dird/translations


The wazopbx/wazo-dird image can be built using the following command:

% docker build -t wazopbx/wazo-dird .

The wazopbx/wazo-dird image contains a configuration file to listen to HTTP requests on "". To change this behavior, create or edit the file /etc/wazo-dird/conf.d/listen.yml

The wazopbx/wazo-dird-db image can be built using the following command:

% docker build -f contribs/docker/Dockerfile-db -t wazopbx/wazo-dird-db .

Running unit tests

apt-get install libpq-dev python-dev libffi-dev libyaml-dev libldap2-dev libsasl2-dev
pip install tox
tox --recreate -e py35

Running integration tests

You need Docker installed.

cd integration_tests
pip install -U -r test-requirements.txt
make test-setup
make test

For developers, when adding/removing a plugin:

% make egg-info

Generate .tx/config

% tx set --auto-local -r xivo.wazo-dird 'wazo_dird/translations/<lang>/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po' --source-lang en --type PO --source-file wazo_dird/messages.pot --execute

Adding a new database migration

To add a new migration script for the database use the following command:

% alembic -c alembic.ini revision -m ""

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