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WAZO RTPEngine configuration for the C4 infrastructure
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wazo-rtpe-config provides rtpengine configuration for the C4 infrastructure.

Installing rtpengine

Plese refer to the official repository of Sipwise RTPengine

Installing wazo-rtpe-config

The server is already provided as a part of Wazo. Please refer to the documentation for further details on installing one.

Wazo RTPe configuration file

Please edit the rtpengine.sample.conf and rename it to rtpengine.conf in your /etc/rtpengine/ directory.

The data needed for RTPe to run in a Wazo environment are:

  • interface - the IP address of the network interface on which RTPe is available (example:
  • listen-ng - the port the rtpengine is listening to (example: 22222)
  • redis - if multiple instances of RTPengine are used for HA define the redis database for sharing infromation between nodes (example:

Integration in Wazo C4

Please refer to Wazo's C4 Router repository on Gihub for an example of how to integrate RTP Engine into a kamailio instance.

We use the rtpengine module so:

loadmodule ""
modparam("rtpengine", "rtpengine_sock", RTPENGINE_LIST)

Then inside the routing logic we use functions rtpengine_offer and rtpengine_manage.

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