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Developer tool kit for Wazo development


wdk depends on lsyncd. It can be installed on a Debian or Ubuntu with the following commands. If you running on macOS, lsyncd won't work, so you must set rsync_only option to true.

Installing WDK

The recommended way to install wdk is to use a virtual environment.

Debian Instructions

sudo apt update
sudo apt install lsyncd virtualenvwrapper python3-dev
source /usr/share/virtualenvwrapper/
mkvirtualenv --python /usr/bin/python3 wdk

macOS Instructions

brew install rsync # install latest
brew install python # install python3
# Reload your terminal session to have the latest rsync
pip install --user virtualenvwrapper
mkdir -p ~/.virtualenvs
virtualenv -p python3 ~/.virtualenvs/wdk
source ~/.virtualenvs/wdk/bin/activate

WDK Dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -e .
sudo ln -s ~/.virtualenvs/wdk/bin/wdk /usr/local/bin/wdk

Copying configuration files. The following commands will create a copy of the sample configuration file that you can modify to fit your needs and will create a link to the version controlled project.yml such that changes to file will be automatically applied when pulling.

mkdir -p ~/.config/wdk
cp config.yml.sample ~/.config/wdk/config.yml
ln -s $(readlink -f project.yml) ~/.config/wdk/project.yml

Using WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux 2)

If using WSL2, please be aware that you should use a filesystem that is in the Linux partition used by your utility virtual machine. Otherwise, inotify will not work.

On the target machine (Wazo)

apt update
apt install rsync
mkdir /usr/src/wazo  # or whatever your <local_source>


The default location of the configuration file is ~/.config/wdk/config.yml you can check config.yml.sample for an example.

If you wish to use another location for you configuration file you can use the --config flag when launching wdk or set the WDK_CONFIG_FILE environment variable to the config file location.

Project configuration

Until everything can be guessed from the projects source code some information have to be configured for each project. This information is stored in the project file. The default project file location is ~/.config/wdk/project.yml.

The project file has the following structure

<project name>:
  python2: true
  python3: true
    <source>: <destination>
    - </file/to/remove/when/done>
  log_filename: <path-to-filename.log>  # default to /var/log/<project name>.log
  • project name: This is the name that matches your local source directory. ex: wazo-auth
  • python2: If this project is a python2 project. This will do a python2 develop
  • python3: Same as python2 but for python3 project. This will do a python3 develop
  • binds: This is a map of source and destination file/directory that should be overridden.
  • clean: A list of files to delete when unmounting the project.

Note that using bind on files will not follow changes to the file. If you use a bind on a configuration file for example the mount will have to be redone when you change the configuration file.

Note that new entry points will need the project to be unmounted and mounted again to be applied.

Mounting a project

wdk mount [-r] [<project1>, <project2>, ...<projectn>]

Unmounting a project

wdk umount [-r] [<project1>, <project2>, ...<projectn>]

Listing mounted projects

wdk mount --list

Restarting a daemon

wdk restart [<project1>, <project2>]

Cloning all repos from GitHub

wdk repo clone

wdk will ask for your login/password and clone every repo of the GitHub orgs listed in the config.

Tailing a log files

wdk tailf <project>

Listing chores and progress

wdk chores [--list]

Listing details for a chore

wdk chores <chore>


Common causes

Make sure:

  • you have created your <remote_source> (/usr/src/wazo by default)
  • you have installed rsync on your target marchine

Increase verbosity of errors

wdk -vvv <command>

Mount command is stuck

Copy the lsyncd command (got from wdk -vvv ...) and run it with the -nodaemon argument, e.g.:

lsyncd -nodaemon -delay 1 -rsyncssh /home/user/git/origin/wazo-confd /usr/src/wazo/wazo-confd

Increasing the amount of inotify watchers

  • echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches=524288 | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf && sudo sysctl -p

For more information:

The state file

The state file contains information about the current state of wdk.

The file is located in ~/.local/cache/wdk/state

    "hosts": {
        "<hostname>": {
            "mounts": {
                <project_name>: {
                    "project": "<project name>",
                    "lsync_config": "</path/to/the/lsync/config/file>",


Developer tool kit for Wazo development




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