Dataset for couplets. 70万条对联数据库。
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This is a project to fetch couplets from 冯重朴_梨味斋散叶_的博客

This dataset contains more than 700,000 couplets.

Run the spider:

scrapy runspider

It will store the data into ./output/.

Download the data

There is an already fetched and cleaned dataset that can be used directly with the seq2seq model. You can download it at here.

The downloaded data contains 5 files:

  1. train/in.txt: The input of the couplets. Each line is an input. Each word is split by space.
  2. train/out.txt: The output of the couplets. Each line is the output for the same line in the in.txt. Each word is split by space.
  3. test/in.txt: Same as train/in.txt but with less data.
  4. test/out.txt: Same as train/out.txt but with less data.
  5. vocabs: Vocabs file. Add <s> and <\s> as the first vocabs, which will be used to train in the seq2seq mode.