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## Command Line Reporter
-This gem provides an simple way to add RSpec like formatting of the output of your ruby scripts. It
-eliminates the need to litter your code with *puts* statements instead providing a cleaner, more
-ruby like way of reporting progress to the user through the command line interface.
+This gem provides a DSL that makes it easy to write reports of various types in ruby. It eliminate
+the need to litter your source with *puts* statements instead providing a more readable, expressive
+interface to your application. Some of the best features include:
-With the release of Version 2.0, it is now possible to format your output using tables with and
-without borders. See the section on
-[Tables]( in the
-[wiki]( for more details.
+* Formatters that automatically indicate progress
+* Table syntax similar to HTML that makes it trivial to format your data in rows and columns
+* Easily created headers and footers for your report
+* Output suppression that makes it easy for your script to support a _quiet_ flag
### Installation
-It is up on so add it to your bundle or do it the old fashioned way:
+It is up on so add it to your bundle
+gem 'command_line_reporter', '>=2.1'
+or do it the old fashioned way:
gem install command_line_reporter

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