Perl6 basic type validating IO prompting for command line tools.
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IO::Prompt -- Interactive validating terminal prompt


use v6;
use IO::Prompt;

my $a = ask( "Defaults to 42, type Num?", 42, :type(Num) );
say $a.perl;
say '------------------------------';

$a = ask( "Defaults to false?", Bool::False );
say $a.perl;
say '------------------------------';

$a = ask( "No default but type Bool?", :type(Bool) );
say $a.perl;
say '------------------------------';

## OO style ##
my $prompt =;

$a = $prompt.ask( "Dot notation?", Bool::False );
say $a.perl;
say '------------------------------';

## You can override the IO methods for testing purposes
class IO::Prompt::Testable is IO::Prompt {
    method !do_say( Str $question ) returns Bool {
        say "Testable saying    '$question'";
        say 'Please do not continue questioning';
        return Bool::False; # do not continue
    method !do_prompt( Str $question ) returns Str {
        say "Testable saying    '$question'";
        say "Testable answering 'daa'";
        return 'daa';

my $prompt_test =;
$a = $prompt_test.ask_yn( "Testable, defaults to false?", Bool::False );
say $a.perl;
say '------------------------------';

## You can override the language class attributes
class IO::Prompt::Finnish is IO::Prompt {
    our $.lang_prompt_Yn        = 'K/e';
    our $.lang_prompt_yN        = 'k/E';
    our $.lang_prompt_yn        = 'k/e';
    our $.lang_prompt_yn_retry  = 'Sano kyllä tai ei';
    our $.lang_prompt_match_y   = m/ ^^ <[kK]> /;
    our $.lang_prompt_match_n   = m/ ^^ <[eE]> /;
    our $.lang_prompt_int       = 'Int';
    our $.lang_prompt_int_retry = 'Anna kokonaisluku';
    our $.lang_prompt_num       = 'Num';
    our $.lang_prompt_num_retry = 'Anna luku';
    our $.lang_prompt_str       = 'Str';
    our $.lang_prompt_str_retry = 'Anna merkkijono';

my $prompt_fi =;
$a = $prompt_fi.ask( "Suomeksi Bool?", :type(Bool) );
say $a.perl;
say '------------------------------';
$a = $prompt_fi.ask( "Suomeksi Num?", :type(Num) );
say $a.perl;
say '------------------------------';
$a = $prompt_fi.ask( "Suomeksi Str?", :type(Str) );
say $a.perl;
say '------------------------------';


This is a generic module for interactive prompting from the console.

The build-in function prompt is great, but sometimes it is convenient to have default values and/or the control over the return type.

IO::Prompt provides both.

Original written bei pnu.


IO::Prompt provides method ask to set the question string, a default answer and/or a return type.


use IO::Prompt;

my $answer = ask("What do you want for Christmas?", "Perl6");
$answer = Whatever the user entered or if just Enter was pressed the string Perl6


IO::Prompt provides also a OO interface.


use IO::Prompt;

my $asker =;
my $answer = $asker.ask("Wanna some money?", 2e9, :type(Num));


Written by pnu, maintained by wbiker


Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below:

Around line 58:

Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in 'kyllä'. Assuming UTF-8