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ZSH plugin for wakatime

Automatic time tracking for commands in ZSH using wakatime.


It depends on wakatime CLI 6.0 or higher. Make sure you have configured wakatime API key in your ~/.wakatime.cfg file. If you use wakatime in other editors, this file may be already there.

  1. pip install wakatime to install wakatime CLI, with 6.0 or higher. Check wakatime CLI version by wakatime --version. See more here for wakatime CLI.

  2. For oh-my-zsh user:

  • cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins && git clone

  • Edit your .zshrc file and add zsh-wakatime to oh-my-zsh plugins

  1. For Antigen user:
  • antigen bundle wbingli/zsh-wakatime
  1. Open a new terminal and type commands

  2. Visit




WakaTime plugins share a common config file .wakatime.cfg located in your user home directory with these options available.