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import Adafruit_CharLCD as LCD
from rpithermostat import sampler
status_message1 = ""
status_message2 = ""
lcd_rs = 14
lcd_en = 15
lcd_d4 = 18
lcd_d5 = 23
lcd_d6 = 24
lcd_d7 = 25
lcd_backlight = 19
# Define LCD column and row size for 16x2 LCD.
lcd_columns = 16
lcd_rows = 2
# Initialize the LCD using the pins above.
lcd = LCD.Adafruit_CharLCD(lcd_rs, lcd_en, lcd_d4, lcd_d5, lcd_d6, lcd_d7,
lcd_columns, lcd_rows, lcd_backlight, invert_polarity=False, enable_pwm=True)
def set_status1(msg):
global status_message1
status_message1 = msg
def set_status2(msg):
global status_message2
status_message2 = msg
def display():
lcd.message("%s\n%s" % (status_message1, status_message2))
display_thread = None
def start_display():
global display_thread
display_thread = sampler.Sampler(1, display)