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Simple hash table in C

Note: This is not intended for production use.


This hash table implementation allows you to specify how many "buckets" it will use. Each bucket is a linked list for simplicity. This could be extended to point to an array, which might provide a little better performance. Keys and values added are not copied, so it's up to the caller to manage those pointers.


  • create - with specified number of buckets
  • destroy - frees all allocated memory
  • add/set a key/value
  • remove a key/value
  • retrieve value for a key


Compile and execute the binary to run the demo use case in main.c:

gcc *.c ./a.out

You should see:

Adding 'hello'=>'world', 'color'=>'blue' and printing:

hello -> world color -> blue

Changing 'hello' value to 'goodbye', then printing:

hello -> goodbye color -> blue

Removing 'hello' and printing:

color -> blue

Removing 'color' and printing: