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HE_Mesh, a Java library for creating and manipulating polygonal meshes. Aimed primarily at Processing.

Building HE_Mesh from source.

The first thing you need to do is download or fork this repository and import the code in Eclipse. You need to add some other external *.jar files to the properties of your Eclipse project to compile HE_Mesh. These are included in the repository (folder external).

  • core.jar: This is the core Processing API for Processing 3. (
  • eclipse-collections-9.0.0.jar: Eclipse Collections project.(
  • javaluator-3.0.2.jar : Evaluation of mathematical expressions
  • hemesh-external-6_0_0.jar: HE_Mesh contains source code from other authors that was converted to use my geometry classes for convenience. To protect the rights of the original authors whose work is not in the public domain, the source code is only available on request.
  • hemesh-data-3_0_0.jar: Data for HE_Mesh.

Current release: 2019.0.2 - Phoenix

Download the current release here:

Build-of-the-day HE_Mesh (2019/11/14)

Download a recent built here:




HE_Mesh, with the below exceptions, is dedicated to the public domain. To the extent possible under law, I, Frederik Vanhoutte, have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to HE_Mesh. This work is published from Belgium. (

The following classes are subject to the license agreement of their original authors, included in the source file:

  • wblut.geom.WB_PolygonDecomposer
  • wblut.geom.WB_PolygonSplitter
  • wblut.hemesh.HEC_SuperDuper
  • wblut.hemesh.HET_FaceSplitter
  • wblut.math.WB_DoubleDouble
  • wblut.math.WB_Ease
  • wblut.math.WB_MTRandom
  • wblut.math.WB_OSNoise
  • wblut.math.WB_PNoise
  • wblut.math.WB_SNoise

The following packages are part of hemesh-external.jar and are subject to the license agreement of their original authors:

The modified code is available on request.


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