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HE_Mesh, a Java library for creating and manipulating polygonal meshes. Aimed primarily at Processing.

Building HE_Mesh from source.

The first thing you need to do is download or fork this repository and import the code in Eclipse. You need to add some other external *.jar files to the properties of your Eclipse project to compile HE_Mesh. These are included in the repository (folder external).

Current release

Download the current release here:

Build-of-the-day HE_Mesh (2018/05/16)

Download a recent built here:


HE_Mesh, with the below exceptions, is dedicated to the public domain. To the extent possible under law, I, Frederik Vanhoutte, have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to HE_Mesh. This work is published from Belgium. (

The following classes are subject to the license agreement of their original authors, included in the source file:

  • wblut.geom.WB_Earcut
  • wblut.geom.WB_PolygonDecomposer
  • wblut.geom.WB_PolygonSplitter
  • wblut.geom.WB_ShapeReader
  • wblut.hemesh.HEC_SuperDuper
  • wblut.hemesh.HET_FaceSplitter
  • wblut.math.WB_DoubleDouble
  • wblut.math.WB_Ease
  • wblut.math.WB_MTRandom
  • wblut.math.WB_OSNoise
  • wblut.math.WB_PNoise
  • wblut.math.WB_SNoise

The following packages are part of hemesh-external.jar and are subject to the license agreement of their original authors:

The modified code is available on request.