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HE_Mesh Documentation

This wiki will serve as the documentation for HE_mesh library. The three main building blocks for the library are the creators, modifiers and subdividors.


Creators are used to generate the geometry of your mesh. There are a lot of default creators to create boxes, spheres, cylinders, prisms, … You can also create your own geometry from scratch if you need to. This is the full list of creators.

  • HEC_Archimedes
  • HEC_Box
  • HEC_Cone
  • HEC_ConvexHull
  • HEC_Cube
  • HEC_Cylinder
  • HEC_Dodecahedron
  • HEC_Dual
  • HEC_FromFacelist
  • HEC_FromFrame
  • HEC_FromPolygons
  • HEC_FromQuads
  • HEC_FromSurface
  • HEC_FromTriangles
  • HEC_FromVoronoiCells
  • HEC_Geodesic
  • HEC_Grid
  • HEC_Icosahedron
  • HEC_IsoFunction
  • HEC_IsoGrid
  • HEC_Johnson
  • HEC_Octahedron
  • HEC_Plato
  • HEC_Polygon
  • HEC_Sphere
  • HEC_SuperDuper
  • HEC_SweepTube
  • HEC_Tetrahedron
  • HEC_Torus
  • HEC_UVParametric


Modifiers are used to modify your mesh. You can create a lattice structure of your mesh, skew it, stretch it, extrude all faces, and many more…


Subdividors are used to subdivide all the faces of your mesh. These are mainly used to create smooth, rounded shapes.