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Race and Mistrust in End-of-Life Care
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Race and Mistrust in End-of-Life Care

Short workshop paper (FAT/ML 2018):

 title={Modeling Mistrust in End-of-Life Care},
 author={W. Boag and H. Suresh and L.A. Celi and P. Szolovits and M. Ghassemi},
 publisher={Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning (FAT/ML 2018) workshop},

15-page conference paper (MLHC 2018):

 title =      {Racial Disparities and Mistrust in End-of-Life Care},
 author =      {Boag, W. and Suresh, H. and Celi, L.A. and Szolovits, P. and Ghassemi, M.},
 booktitle =      {Proceedings of the 3rd Machine Learning for Healthcare Conference},
 pages =      {587--602},
 year =      {2018},
 volume =      {85},
 series =      {Proceedings of Machine Learning Research},
 address =      {Palo Alto, California},
 month =      {17--18 Aug},
 publisher =      {PMLR},
 pdf =      {},
 url =      {},

Masters Thesis:

 title={Quantifying Racial Disparities in End-of-Life Care},
 author={W. Boag},

The code folder has 6 notebooks:

1. race_mimic_aggressive.ipynb: Generate the figures for race-based treatment disparities in MIMIC

2. trust.ipynb: Generates the various mistrust metric proxies and saves them to file.

3. mistrust_mimic_aggressive.ipynb: Generate the figures for mistrust-based treatment disparities in MIMIC

4. cohort.ipynb: Generate additional stats (e.g. table one, pairwise comparisons of metrics & severity score, etc)

5. outcomes_ml.ipynb: Uses trust-based features to improve predictions for clinical tasks.

6. race_eicu_aggressive.ipynb: Generate the figures for race-based treatment disparities in eICU

Run trust.ipynb before running:

- mistrust_mimic_aggressive.ipynb

- cohort.ipynb

- outcomes_ml.ipynb
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