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Version history

HappyBase 0.5 (not yet released)

Note: this release is a work in progress!

  • The :py:meth:`Connection.delete_table` method now features an optional disable parameter to make deleting enabled tables easier.
  • The debug log message emitted by :py:meth:`Table.scan` when closing a scanner now includes both the number of rows returned to the calling code, and also the number of rows actually fetched from the server. If scanners are not completely iterated over (e.g. because of a 'break' statement in the for loop for the scanner), these numbers may differ. If this happens often, and the differences are big, this may be a hint that the batch_size parameter to :py:meth:`Table.scan()` is not optimal for your application.

HappyBase 0.4

Release date: 2012-07-11

HappyBase 0.3

Release date: 2012-05-25

New features:

  • Improved compatibility with HBase 0.90.x
    • In earlier versions, using :py:meth:`Table.scan` in combination with HBase 0.90.x often resulted in crashes, caused by incompatibilities in the underlying Thrift protocol.
    • A new compat flag to the :py:class:`Connection` constructor has been added to enable compatibility with HBase 0.90.x.
    • Note that the :py:meth:`Table.scan` API has a few limitations when used with HBase 0.90.x.
  • The row_prefix argument to :py:meth:`Table.scan` can now be used together with filter and timestamp arguments.

Other changes:

  • Lower Thrift dependency to 0.6
  • The script no longer installs the tests
  • Documentation improvements

HappyBase 0.2

Release date: 2012-05-22

  • Fix package installation, so that pip install happybase works as expected (issue #1)
  • Various small documentation improvements

HappyBase 0.1

Release date: 2012-05-20

  • Initial release
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