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API reference

This chapter contains detailed API documentation for HappyBase. It is suggested to read the :doc:`user guide <user>` first to get a general idea about how HappyBase works.

The HappyBase API is organised as follows:

The :py:class:`~happybase.Connection` class is the main entry point for application developers. It connects to the HBase Thrift server and provides methods for table management.
The :py:class:`Table` class is the main class for interacting with data in tables. This class offers methods for data retrieval and data manipulation. Instances of this class can be obtained using the :py:meth:`Connection.table()` method.
The :py:class:`Batch` class implements the batch API for data manipulation, and is available through the :py:meth:`Table.batch()` method.
The :py:class:`ConnectionPool` class implements a thread-safe connection pool that allows an application to (re)use multiple connections.




Connection pool

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