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HappyBase is a developer-friendly Python library to interact with Apache HBase. HappyBase is designed for use in standard HBase setups, and offers application developers a Pythonic API to interact with HBase. Below the surface, HappyBase uses the Python Thrift library to connect to HBase using its Thrift gateway, which is included in the standard HBase 0.9x releases.


Do you enjoy HappyBase? Great! You should know that I don't use HappyBase myself anymore, but still maintain it because it's quite popular. Please consider making a small donation to let me know you appreciate my work. Thanks!


The example below illustrates basic usage of the library. The :doc:`user guide <user>` contains many more examples.

import happybase

connection = happybase.Connection('hostname')
table = connection.table('table-name')

table.put('row-key', {'family:qual1': 'value1',
                      'family:qual2': 'value2'})

row = table.row('row-key')
print row['family:qual1']  # prints 'value1'

for key, data in table.rows(['row-key-1', 'row-key-2']):
    print key, data  # prints row key and data for each row

for key, data in table.scan(row_prefix='row'):
    print key, data  # prints 'value1' and 'value2'

row = table.delete('row-key')

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