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Failure to make it through NTLM (M$) proxy via CNTLM #372

brandondrew opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I'm using ST2 on Windows and having to use CNTLM to make it through a Microsoft NTLM proxy server. I have:
"http_proxy": "http://localhost:3128",
in my user package control settings, which points to CNTLM, a "child proxy" to allow normal programs to deal with M$'s non-standard proxy server. Everything else (curl and git, using the Git Bash Shell) successfully uses CNTLM, but ST2 gives me:
There are no packages available for installation

However, if I use a different network (without the M$ proxy server) and remove the http_proxy setting, and kill CNTLM, then it works.


I am going to need a debug log ( to figure this out. It may include some private information (such as a password hash), so you should probably email it to me at


@brandondrew Did you ever send that debug log?


This seems to be related to #416. Let's continue to the conversation over there.

@wbond wbond closed this
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