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Letters are hard, sorry I put them in the wrong order initially. 
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1 parent 546212b commit b07fc295bd7fbddb763133ad1d5deda35795718f @wesbos wesbos committed Mar 21, 2013
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@@ -1039,8 +1039,8 @@
"Ciapre.tmTheme": "Ciapre Color Scheme",
"ClickableUrls_SublimeText2": "Clickable URLs",
"ClojureDoc-Search": "ClojureDocSearch",
- "cocosyntax": "Coco R Syntax Highlighting",
"cobalt2" : "Beautiful blue colour scheme and skin",
+ "cocosyntax": "Coco R Syntax Highlighting",
"codefoo": "Code Foo",
"codeigniter-utilities": "CodeIgniter Utilities",
"CoffeeScript-Sublime-Plugin": "CoffeeScript",

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