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New plugin to allow educators to manipulate XLI templates.


@apex2060 Please put the lines you have added to repositories.json in alphabetical order, rather than just adding them at the bottom of the list. This helps to reduce merge conflicts, and will allow the Travis automated tests to run successfully.


Thanks for the message & instructions. That should be correct.

@apex2060 apex2060 closed this Apr 20, 2013
@apex2060 apex2060 reopened this Apr 20, 2013

OK, the tests are passing now, but you still have a few problems to fix.

  1. The URL you submitted for your packages.json is a broken link. You probably want to point to, not See the documentation about custom packages.json files.
  2. Because you are using a custom packages.json file, which specifies the display name for your package, you must not add a "package_name_map" entry for your package in repositories.json. Please remove this line.
  3. Your custom packages.json file points to an invalid URL to download the ZIP file of version 1.1.0 of your package. Again, consult the documentation about custom packages.json files for advice on how to tag a release of your package and point to it from your file.

If the custom packages.json stuff is all to complicated for you, you may wish to simply remove the packages.json file from your repository, and update repositories.json to point to your GitHub repo, instead of that file. This is a much simpler way of submitting a package, and is usually the preferred way unless you mean to limit your package to only particular platforms.


Thanks for the help and instructions!

@sentience sentience commented on an outdated diff Apr 21, 2013
@@ -992,6 +993,7 @@
"package_name_map": {
"ac-ruby-snippets": "Arnold Clark Snippets for Ruby",
+ "xli-templateize": "XLI Template Transformer",
sentience Apr 21, 2013 Collaborator

This line is not in correct alphabetical order, which is why the automated tests are failing for your pull request now. Please correct this.

@wbond wbond closed this May 19, 2013
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