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Add plugin Tab Filter #1195

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@robinmalburn a few issues:

  • Your changes to repositories.json use spaces for indenting rather than tabs. Please update your pull request to conform to the current indenting standard for this project.
  • The Main.sublime-menu file in your project points to your package directory under the name tabfilter, but you have specified a package name of "Tab Filter" for your package, which means your package will be installed in a directory with that name. You should update the file paths in your Main.sublime-menu file to match the name that your package will be installed under.
  • Your README doesn’t make clear what your package does. What do you mean by “filter the open tabs in the current widow”? Do you mean it displays a file selection panel like Goto Anything, but it lists only the files open in tabs in the current window?

Thanks for the feedback, @sentience, and apologies for the few hiccups with this.

repositories.json has now been switched to tab indentation, and the path references in Main.sublime-menu have been fixed to use Tab Filter now,

You're spot on with your description of the plugin providing "Goto Anything" like functionality, but restricted to open tabs (wish I'd thought to phrase it that way in the first place). I've updated the README to try and make it's function a bit clearer now, too.

Again, thanks for the feedback, and hope these tweaks resolve the issues.


Looks good! Merging now.

@sentience sentience merged commit 3834ddd into wbond:master
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Commits on Mar 22, 2013
  1. @robinmalburn

    Added Tab Filter plugin

    robinmalburn authored
Commits on Apr 21, 2013
  1. @robinmalburn
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  1. +2 −0  repositories.json
2  repositories.json
@@ -688,6 +688,7 @@
+ "",
@@ -1406,6 +1407,7 @@
"sublime-switch": "Switch",
"sublime-symfony2": "Symfony2 Snippets",
"Sublime-SymfonyCommander": "SymfonyCommander",
+ "sublime-tabfilter": "Tab Filter",
"sublime-taskwarrior": "Taskwarrior",
"sublime-templateninja": "TemplateNinja",
"sublime-test-double": "Test Double",
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