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// If the indent level of a multi-line selection should be aligned
"align_indent": true,
// If indentation is done via tabs, set this to true to also align
// mid-line characters via tabs. This may cause alignment issues when
// viewing the file in an editor with different tab width settings. This
// will also cause multi-character operators to be left-aligned to the
// first character in the operator instead of the character from the
// "alignment_chars" setting.
"mid_line_tabs": false,
// The mid-line characters to align in a multi-line selection, changing
// this to an empty array will disable mid-line alignment
"alignment_chars": ["="],
// If the following character is matched for alignment, insert a space
// before it in the final alignment
"alignment_space_chars": ["="],
// The characters to align along with "alignment_chars"
// For instance if the = is to be aligned, there are a number of
// symbols that can be combined with the = to make an operator, and all
// of those must be kept next to the = for the operator to be parsed
"alignment_prefix_chars": [
"+", "-", "&", "|", "<", ">", "!", "~", "%", "/", "*", "."
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