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Can't align commas? #48

DaveSanders opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Dave Sanders Will Bond Zachary King
Dave Sanders

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but is there something that keeps it from aligning commas?

I want to align:
[ 1, '01_home.png', 'Home', 'The guest home page'],
[ 2, '02_login.png', 'Login', 'The login form'],

in an array on the commas. My only change to my config is:

"alignment_chars": ["=", ","]

What am I missing?

Dave Sanders

Or maybe I'm just not understanding how it works. if my FIRST comma is misaligned, its fixing that, but repeated use isn't lining up the others?

Will Bond
wbond commented

Yeah, really Alignment if for simple alignment using very basic rules. It does not take into account language structure in any way.

There are quite a number of different alignment packages available now - one of those may fit the bill for you.

Will Bond wbond closed this
Dave Sanders

Thanks. Any suggestions?

Will Bond
wbond commented

I'd go to and search for "Align"

Zachary King

@DaveSanders I use It might do what you want.

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