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import sublime
import sublime_plugin
import urllib
import urllib2
import threading
import re
class PrefixrCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
def run(self, edit):
# We check for braces since we can do a better job of preserving
# whitespace when braces are not present
braces = False
sels = self.view.sel()
for sel in sels:
if self.view.substr(sel).find('{') != -1:
braces = True
# Expand selection to braces, unfortunately this can't use the
# built in move_to brackets since that matches parentheses also
if not braces:
new_sels = []
for sel in sels:
new_sels.append(self.view.find('\}', sel.end()))
for sel in new_sels:
self.view.run_command("expand_selection", {"to": "brackets"})
# We start one thread per selection so we don't lock up the interface
# while waiting for the response from the API
threads = []
for sel in sels:
string = self.view.substr(sel)
thread = PrefixrApiCall(sel, string, 5)
# We clear all selection because we are going to manually set them
# This creates an edit group so we can undo all changes in one go
edit = self.view.begin_edit('prefixr')
self.handle_threads(edit, threads, braces)
def handle_threads(self, edit, threads, braces, offset=0, i=0, dir=1):
next_threads = []
for thread in threads:
if thread.is_alive():
if thread.result == False:
offset = self.replace(edit, thread, braces, offset)
threads = next_threads
if len(threads):
# This animates a little activity indicator in the status area
before = i % 8
after = (7) - before
if not after:
dir = -1
if not before:
dir = 1
i += dir
self.view.set_status('prefixr', 'Prefixr [%s=%s]' % \
(' ' * before, ' ' * after))
sublime.set_timeout(lambda: self.handle_threads(edit, threads,
braces, offset, i, dir), 100)
selections = len(self.view.sel())
sublime.status_message('Prefixr successfully run on %s selection%s' %
(selections, '' if selections == 1 else 's'))
def replace(self, edit, thread, braces, offset):
sel = thread.sel
original = thread.original
result = thread.result
# Here we adjust each selection for any text we have already inserted
if offset:
sel = sublime.Region(sel.begin() + offset,
sel.end() + offset)
result = self.normalize_line_endings(result)
(prefix, main, suffix) = self.fix_whitespace(original, result, sel,
self.view.replace(edit, sel, prefix + main + suffix)
# We add the end of the new text to the selection
end_point = sel.begin() + len(prefix) + len(main)
self.view.sel().add(sublime.Region(end_point, end_point))
return offset + len(prefix + main + suffix) - len(original)
def normalize_line_endings(self, string):
string = string.replace('\r\n', '\n').replace('\r', '\n')
line_endings = self.view.settings().get('default_line_ending')
if line_endings == 'windows':
string = string.replace('\n', '\r\n')
elif line_endings == 'mac':
string = string.replace('\n', '\r')
return string
def fix_whitespace(self, original, prefixed, sel, braces):
# If braces are present we can do all of the whitespace magic
if braces:
return ('', prefixed, '')
# Determine the indent of the CSS rule
(row, col) = self.view.rowcol(sel.begin())
indent_region = self.view.find('^\s+', self.view.text_point(row, 0))
if indent_region and self.view.rowcol(indent_region.begin())[0] == row:
indent = self.view.substr(indent_region)
indent = ''
# Strip whitespace from the prefixed version so we get it right
prefixed = prefixed.strip()
prefixed = re.sub(re.compile('^\s+', re.M), '', prefixed)
# Indent the prefixed version to the right level
settings = self.view.settings()
use_spaces = settings.get('translate_tabs_to_spaces')
tab_size = int(settings.get('tab_size', 8))
indent_characters = '\t'
if use_spaces:
indent_characters = ' ' * tab_size
prefixed = prefixed.replace('\n', '\n' + indent + indent_characters)
match ='^(\s*)', original)
prefix = match.groups()[0]
match ='(\s*)\Z', original)
suffix = match.groups()[0]
return (prefix, prefixed, suffix)
class PrefixrApiCall(threading.Thread):
def __init__(self, sel, string, timeout):
self.sel = sel
self.original = string
self.timeout = timeout
self.result = None
def run(self):
data = urllib.urlencode({'css': self.original})
request = urllib2.Request('', data,
headers={"User-Agent": "Sublime Prefixr"})
http_file = urllib2.urlopen(request, timeout=self.timeout)
self.result =
except (urllib2.HTTPError) as (e):
err = '%s: HTTP error %s contacting API' % (__name__, str(e.code))
except (urllib2.URLError) as (e):
err = '%s: URL error %s contacting API' % (__name__, str(e.reason))
self.result = False