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Runes - 70 points - 234 solves

Paillier cryptosytem

We are given numbers n, g, c and the hint Paillier. Googling for it, we discover the Paillier cryptosystem, which is based on the hardness of decisional composite residuosity assumption, which is weaker than integer factorization. This is good news since the parameter n is easily factored.

It is then a matter of copy-pasting the algorithm on Wikipedia to get the flag:

from math import gcd
from Crypto.Util.number import inverse
from binascii import unhexlify
n= 99157116611790833573985267443453374677300242114595736901854871276546481648883
g= 99157116611790833573985267443453374677300242114595736901854871276546481648884
c= 2433283484328067719826123652791700922735828879195114568755579061061723786565164234075183183699826399799223318790711772573290060335232568738641793425546869

p = 310013024566643256138761337388255591613
q = 319848228152346890121384041219876391791
assert n == p*q

def L(x):
    return (x-1)//n

lamb = (p-1)*(q-1)//gcd(p-1,q-1)
mu = inverse(L(pow(g,lamb,n**2)),n)
m = L(pow(c,lamb,n**2))*mu%n

which ouptuts the flag actf{crypto_lives}.

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