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Ice Tube Clock firmware with GPS & working Auto DST support

Latest update March 2012 - William Phelps - wm (at)

Includes the following modifications:

Improvements to GPS support
GPS Enable/Disabble in Menu
GPS Lat & Long displayed in Menu

Rewrite of Auto DST so it works with GPS
DST update now works regardless of when clock is powered on
update occurs once per minute if clock is powered up "cold" with DST active
DST change will occur next time Seconds = "00"
DST Rules in Menu (read code before changing!)

Changes to Auto Dim feature
lo and hi brightness values in menu
use 20k ohm resistor
menu option to show ADC and Brightness values (press select button to update display)

Added Progressive Alarm feature alarm starts out with single beep at long(ish) interval
more beeps, shorter interval as time elapses

Includes Drift Correction & Seconds Dial features from jsgf (by request)

Added Last Digit Brightness Boost (LDBB)
for vfd tubes with dim right most digit

Added #IFDEF for GPS support (user request)

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