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Better explain build and installation #18

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Just for now

@@ -29,23 +29,63 @@ As such, it contains:
- an implementation of Tarjan's algorithm for finding components and
their topological sort.

## Installing

This library is installed from source. You will need to already have
installed `git`, the GNU autoconf tools, and a C compiler. Currently
you need to have installed
as well. (There is
[an issue](
to remove that requirement.)
Given those:

- Check-out the source, `git clone`
- Change to the resulting `davenport` directory, `cd davenport`
- Generate the `configure` file, `autoreconf --install`
- Run the `configure` file, `./configure`
- Run the installation script as root, `make install`

On some systems, including Debian and Ubuntu Linux, you must now

- Refresh the shared library loader as root, `ldconfig /usr/local/lib`

### I don't have root access

One option is to have someone who does install it for you.
Another (untested) option, assuming most of the basic requirements,
such as `git`, `autoconf`, and a C compiler are installed on the system,
is to install it locally and use the `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` environment
variable to lead the linker to the library:

> mkdir -p ${HOME}/local
> export LOCAL_LIBS=${HOME}/local
> autoreconf --install
> ./configure --prefix=$LOCAL_LIBS
> make install

Consider putting the last export into your shell startup.
You will probably have to do something similar first, to install the
Cutter library. It will be a pain. There's a question and answer
about installing libraries locally
[at SuperUser](

## Building

This follows the GNU AutoConf convention. From the root of the source tree
(e.g. ~/Davenport):
- `./configure`
- `make`
This follows the GNU AutoConf convention. With the exception of the
`make` command, the process is the same as Installing (above).
For the `make` command, just type "make" rather than "make install".

To run tests:
- `cd test` (optional)
- `make check`

### Development

- `autoconf --install`
- `./configure`
- `make`
Build as above

To see the cutter output from the tests, either:
- `make check`
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