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IAC Contest Database - Call for Proposals

This project (IACCDB) needs a maintainer. If you would like to volunteer, please choose an issue, get in touch, and make a pull request. The project is viewed by a couple thousand people and the usual number of robots. You can use it as an open-source reference to show competence in Ruby and Ruby on Rails (RoR). The project is light on JavaScript, more or less intentionally although not as a matter of policy.

If you’re a software development organization and you’re interested, please send a proposal to the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) Executive Director Stephen Kurtzahn at

The proposal can take your usual format; however, the following services are desired:

  • Maintaining a current, deployed and operating version at, including automated deployment and web server configuration. The application is currently deployed with Capistrano 2 to nginx + passenger
  • Applying and deploying security patches to Ruby and Ruby gems in use, as they arise
  • Upgrading the code-base and deploying to fresh versions of Ruby according to the Ruby support schedule
  • Upgrading the code base to the latest .1 or greater patch level and .1 or greater minor level (see of Ruby on Rails when these versions are released. For example, 5.2.6 to 6.0.* or 6.1.0 is not required. The first upgrade from 5.2.6 would be 5.2.7, 5.3.1, or 6.1.1

There will be a fixed-price annual retainer for these items. Hopefully your shop has sufficient experience with RoR to have a good feel for the average amount of RoR upgrade churn encountered over a year.

We would also like you to share with us:

  • Your hourly rate for making changes and improvements requested by the IAC
  • Some indication of the number and experience of RoR developers on hand
  • Some indication of the depth of RoR project experience existing in your shop

Software development organizations are preferred over individual contractors due to their ability to maintain a pool of individuals with relevant skills and provide relative continuity of service as people come and go.

Thank you.

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