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This is source for a Ruby on Rails (Rails) web application that acts as a trial platform for preference aggregation using the Davenport algorithm for finding Kemeny orders.

The application was begun at the end of 2010, abandoned, and picked-up again at the end of May, 2019.


  • Check out the repository: git checkout
  • Change to the repository directory: cd socelect
  • Install the Ruby programming environment at the level indicated in the file, .ruby-version. One way is to use the Ruby environment manager (rbenv).
  • Run the setup script: script/setup
  • Start the Rails server for development: rails server --environment=development
  • Visit the locally hosted development site to try the app locally


For testing the queueing and delayed processing in development, use the command delayed_job --pool=result_state:1 --pool=result_compute:2 start. The Capistrano deploy for production is set-up to run the same.

The result_state queue should have only one worker, because it is used to serialize the state changes. There can be as many workers as you like on the result_compute queue.