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Open source user guide templates for use in the Guide plugin for Craft CMS
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Craft Guide Templates

Open source CMS guide templates for use in the Guide plugin for Craft CMS.

Guide is made up of two parts:


The Guide plugin for Craft 3 is built so you can drop in a CMS Guide template and tailor it to your client's website. Craft Guide Templates is meant to give you a starting point and to offer inspiration and examples for your company's boilerplate Guide template.

While these templates and assets are created to support the commercial Guide plugin, they are open and free to use however you'd like. They are like the penny jar for CMS guides: if you need an idea, take one, and if you have an idea, please consider contributing.


Currently there is just one template, General CMS Guide, but the goal is—with some community contribution—to have guides in different languages and for different kinds of websites (for example, a guide specific to a Craft Commerce-based site).


This repo also contains a gallery of themes for the Guide plugin.


If you have something you'd like to add to a template, if you find a typo you'd like to fix, or if you're a plugin developer who can help write an official how-to, please do so in the form of a Pull Request. NOTE: The contribution may be edited for consistency or rejected if it falls outside of the scope described in the template's

If you would like to help edit and maintain a new template, please create a new folder in the appropriate language folder (create a new language folder if needed), add a file (similar to the one in General CMS Guide), add your templates and assets, and submit it via pull request.

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