Fing the Twitter hastags your friends and followers are using. A simple .NET library.
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Find the twitter hashtags you should use.


  1. You need twitter API credentials from
  2. Create a program of your choice and link to the MyHashTags.Lib.dll
  3. Create an instance of MyHashTags passing in your credentials
  4. Get which set of users you want. (FriendsList or FollowersList) List<string> friends = myhashtags.GetUsers("wbsimms", FriendshipType.FriendsList);
  5. Get the hashtags with the number of counts for the group Dictionary<string, int> friendsTags = myhashtags.GetHashtags(friends);

See the unit test GetHastagsForUsersTest for an example.

Output will look like this:

  • fsharp : 46
  • agile : 42
  • sxsw : 32
  • spsnh : 30
  • agileindia2014 : 23
  • icreatedthis : 23
  • pmot : 22
  • microsoftstudio : 21