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ChangeLog of Frescobaldi,
Changes in 2.0.15 -- March 11th, 2014
* Translations:
- updated: nl, fr
* New features:
- in context menu: Jump to definition (wish #123)
- in View menu: view file or definition at cursor, combines the old
File->Open File at Cursor action with the new Jump to definition action
- new toolbar buttons to browse back after a jump to definition
* Improvements:
- better highlighting of figuremode
* Bugfixes:
- fix ValueError message when typing << >> or \partcombine
- fix IndexError when typing 'variable ='
Changes in 2.0.14 -- March 7th, 2014
* Translations:
- updated: nl, fr
* New features:
- the status bar now shows the position in the music or the length of the
selected music
- highlighting and auto-completion for commands that are new or have changed
syntax in LilyPond 2.18, such as \hide, \omit, \undo, \override, \tweak,
\accidentalStyle, etc.
- New editor option to wrap lines in the editor view to avoid horizontal
scrolling (wish #45)
- Custom engrave: the anti-alias-factor can be set in the dialog (wish #361)
- on Mac OS X the applications remains active when all main windows are
closed. This is expected behaviour on Mac OS X.
- New builtin snippet, linked to Ctrl+D by default, to double the current
line or selection (issue #340)
- A new preference for new documents: whether a new document is created empty,
with the preferred LilyPond version in it, or using a template from the
snippets list
- New menu command: LilyPond->Show available fonts (wish #341)
- Music View: rendering in small sizes has been improved
* Improvements:
- In the score wizard it is possible to enter a custom string tuning for the
plucked string instruments, and the Ukulele is added (issue #342)
- In the score wizard you can enable Smart neutral stem direction, which adds
the Melody_engraver to the Voice context, resulting in a logical direction
for notes on the middle staff line (issue #371)
- Print source, Copy colored HTML and Export source as colored HTML: add line
numbers if enabled in the preferences.
- In the Editor preferences, it is adjustable whether HTML export or copy use
a stylesheet or inline style attributes.
- It is now possible to copy syntax-highlighted HTML as plain text to the
clipboard, by enabling the preference setting.
- MIDI input: add key signature alterations mapping, by Olivier Samyn
- New barline types in the Quick Insert panel, the barlines are written
in the correct style, depending on the LilyPond version set in the document
(issue #365).
- In the output-suffix (the scheme output-suffix variable or
\bookOutputSuffix), non-alphanumeric characters (except '-' and '_') are
replaced with '_', just like LilyPond itself does it (issue #373).
* Bug fixes:
- Fixed issue 336: TypeError on MusicXml export
- Fixed error message when exporting keyboard shortcuts on platforms that do
not have the HOME environment variable set
- Fixed IndexError when transposed notes would get unexisting alterations,
e.g. when a cis is transposed from c to cisis. The note is then altered,
just like LilyPond handles this.
* Temporarily removed feature:
- MusicXML export has been temporarily removed from the File->Export menu.
It is still visible in the git checkout. It is also available in the ly
command (in the python-ly package, and also in Frescobaldi's git checkout)
but it needs more testing and robustness before it is usable in Frescobaldi.
Changes in 2.0.13 -- December 31st, 2013
* Translations:
- updated: nl, fr
* New features:
- A new option LilyPond->Auto-engrave, that runs the engraver in preview mode
everytime the document changes
- An option to hide log display for automatically started engraving jobs
- Real-time Midi capturing, contributed by Manuel Mchalwat (this was actually
in 2.0.12, I just forgot to write it in the ChangeLog!)
- Basic MusicXML export, contributed by Peter Bjuhr (this was also already
added in Frescobaldi 2.0.12)
- The "master" variable is back, allbeit in a slightly different
implementation: the redirected filename is not directly given to a LilyPond
process running on behalf of the current document, but the other document
is loaded (if it wasn't already) and LilyPond is run on that document.
* Bug fixes:
- Fix UnboundLocalError in ly.docinfo e.g. when showing the Tools->Pitch->
Language menu
- Fix issue 332: Cursor didn't move on undo/redo
- Fix issue 315: chords: \include ""
(the file was added, but the include files weren't written in the document)
Changes in 2.0.12 -- December 26th, 2013
* Translations:
- updated: cs, nl, fr, es
* New features:
- Edit->Select Block has finally been implemented
- A viewer for LilyPond-generated SVG files has been added by Peter Bjuhr.
This viewer (accessible via Tools->SVG Viewer) currently has one-way point
and click. This only works with recent development versions of LilyPond,
that add the point and click information to SVG files. In the future, the
SVG view may become a fully fledged graphical music editor.
- The default output format can be set in the LilyPond preferences (the
current options are PDF or SVG, the default is PDF)
* Improvements:
- The indenter's handling of tabs and spaces has been improved. A tab always
starts a new indent level, and aligning is now always done with spaces.
The default is still using 2 spaces for indent, but it is now configurable
in a new settings panel Editor Preferences.
- Besides the good old Preview and Publish modes a new mode has been added:
Layout Control. This mode uses the settings on the preview mode panel, which
has been renamed to Layout Control Options. The layout of the panel has been
improved. The Preview mode is reverted back to enabling only point and click
links. In the Engrave (custom) dialog the run mode can be chosen and the
commandline edited directly.
- Entering staccatissimo writes -! when the document specifies a LilyPond
version >= 2.17.25, otherwise -|
- When editing keyboard shortcuts, conflicts are directly shown as they are
entered; better support French keyboards (contributed by Nicolas Malarmey)
- Better Mac OS X icons (contributed by Davide Liessi)
- The internal handling of manipulations like transpose, translate, and the
various rhythm commands has become less dependent on Frescobaldi code.
These functionality now resides in the ly module and could be used by
other applications. The commands now can work on any ly.document, which
need not be a Frescobaldi document.
- The internal help system has seen a massive overhaul: help files are now
very easy to write in a simplified markdown-like syntax. Adding help pages
is very easy by dropping a *.md file in the userguide/ directory. Every
paragraph in a help file is automatically added to the POT file and can be
translated by editing the language's PO file.
* Bug fixes:
- Music View: horizontal scrolling using trackpad now works with kinetic mode
enabled. Fixes #248.
* Removed feature:
- The 'master' variable is no longer supported, it's goal has been superseded
by the 'Always Engrave' option, which is also saved in the session. This
decision was taken to simplify the handling of files created on behalf of
a document.
Changes in 2.0.11 -- October 16th, 2013
* Translations:
- updated: cs, nl, fr, es
* New features:
- New preview mode tool, enabling different modes to debug layout issues,
contributed by Urs Liska and some other LilyPond developers
- Frescobaldi now has a manpage, kindly provided by Ryan Kavanagh
- Import MusicXML (using musicxml2ly), contributed by Peter Bjuhr
- New Quick Insert buttons for different kinds of grace notes, contributed
by Peter Bjuhr
- Import and export of keyboard shortcuts and font & color schemes,
contributed by Nicolas Malarmey.
- New Modal Transpose action, contributed by Christopher Bryan
- New actions to remove articulations etc. from music (wish #180)
- Edit->Copy to Snippet, to copy the selection or the full document
contents to a new snippet
* Improvements:
- highlighting and auto-completion of Scheme code has been improved
by Nicolas Malarmey.
- when switching documents with multiple editor views open, and one of the
views displays the document, that view is made current, instead of changing
the document in the current view.
- the tempo-tapping button in the score wizard now uses the average clicking
speed instead of computing the bpm at each click (implementing wish #169)
- under the File menu there is also a New with Wizard... action calling the
score wizard, creating a new document when clicking Ok, contributed by Urs
- Word-related cursor movements have been improved. The backslash is now
considered a word boundary, even if there are no spaces between several
backslashed commands. Fixes wish #106.
* Bug fixes:
- various fixes and improvements on Mac OS X by Davide Liessi
- fix splash screen shown as grey rectangle on some systems
- in the LilyPond log, clicking on error mesages in files with '..' in their
path (happens when using e.g. \include "../") now works.
Changes in 2.0.10 -- May 12th, 2013
* Translations:
- updated: nl, de, fr, cs, es, it
* New features:
- Document Outline tool with tooltips showing portions of the document.
The patterns that are used for the outline can be modified by the user.
* Improvements:
- Highlight more music functions that were added in LilyPond 2.16
- Better chord mode highlighting
* Bug fixes:
- fix QPyNullVariant error message on Mac OS X when setting helper app prefs
- fix Scorewizard error in Leadsheet with accompaniment and ambitus turned on
- fix #113: add files opened via file manager to recent files
- fix #143: don't count tremolo repeat as a duration
Changes in 2.0.9 -- March 23rd, 2013
* Translations:
- updated: nl, de, uk
* New features:
- Frescobaldi now detects when other applications modify or delete open files
and displays the changes in a dialog, where the user can reload or save the
affected documents. The file-watching is turned on by default, but can be
disabled. (wish: issue #103)
- File->Reload and Reload All: reload the current document or all documents
from disk. This action can be undone with Ctrl-Z.
- Frescobaldi now can be configured to open the generated PDF files when
opening a LilyPond document, even if they are not up-to-date. It then shows
a red background in the document chooser. See Preferences->Tools->Music View
- Music->Reload: switches the Music View to the current source document and
re-checks for updated PDF documents. If there are no updated PDFs it even
tries to load non up-to-date PDFs (regardless of the setting above)
- New --list-sessions commandline option to list the named sessions
- New actions View->Matching Pair and Select Matching Pair to jump to or
select the range of matching parentheses, braces etc (wish: issue #105)
- Quick Insert: \melisma, \melismaEnd spanner button (idea: issue #88)
* Improvements:
- Custom defined markup commands are also auto-completed
- Better default font on Windows
- Action "Always Engrave this document" also available in document context
menu (in documents list and in tabbar)
- Don't check included files multiple times for defined commands etc.
- Highlighting matching characters, such as slur, brace, << >>, etc does not
take a long time anymore when editing or moving through a long document
- string numbers are highlighted (and understood) correctly outside chords
(LilyPond 2.16 syntax change)
- Export colored HTML now uses CSS classes, makes it easy to change the high-
lighting in the HTML later (idea: issue #89)
* Bug fixes:
- Fix hyphenation of words with accents (reported by Andreas Edlund)
- Fix Save As... on Mac OS X (issue #104)
- Fix startup failure on Mac OS X (issue #77)
- Fix QPyNullVariant error messages with some PyQt versions
- Workaround two PyQt bugs:
* fix score wizard AttributeError message when using sip-4.14.3/PyQt-4.9.6
* fix large delays in editor when using sip-4.14.3/PyQt-4.9.6 (issue #100)
- music highlighting of a note after \unset someVariable is now correct
- fix Python error message when a document (marked as Always engraved) is
engraved which didn't have yet the PDF displayed
Changes in 2.0.8 -- September 14th, 2012
* Translations:
- updated: ru, cs
* New features:
- File->Open file at cursor (wish #84)
* Improvements:
- always normalize paths in point&click links, so files included via
constructs like \include "../songs/" are found
* Bugfixes:
- fix behaviour of 'output' variable
Changes in 2.0.7 -- August 16th, 2012
* Translations:
- updated: nl, cs, it, fr, es
* New features:
- command to show music view maximized, useful on small screens
- kinetic scrolling in the music view, making the movements easier on the
eyes, contributed by Richard Cognot
- music view scrollbars can be hidden via preferences->tools->music view
* Improvements:
- status of "Always Engrave" is saved in session (wish #76)
- the 'View' -> 'Music View' submenu is now a top-level menu 'Music'
* Bugfixes:
- fix "NameError: global name 'X_OK' is not defined" when a helper application
has an absolute path
- fix python exception when helper app does not exist, now a regular message
is shown
Changes in 2.0.6 -- April 30th, 2012
* Translations:
- New Ukrainian translation by Dmytro O. Redchuk
- updated: nl
* Bugfixes:
- fix cut-assign
- fix startup failure on Windows when 'open in running app' is enabled and
the user's username has non-ascii characters (issue #53)
- fix TypeError on opening LilyPond documentation in some cases on Mac OS X
Changes in 2.0.5 -- April 25th, 2012
* Translations:
- updated: fr, nl, es
* New features:
- Regions of text can be collapsed/expanded (View->Folding->Enable Folding)
- Files can be opened in running instance, if enabled in settings
- New document variable: 'output' which can be set to the basename, folder, or
list of names or folders to look for output documents. Overrides the default
behaviour of parsing the document for all the included files and LilyPond
commands that specify the output file name.
- New snippet action to recover changed or deleted built-in snippets
- New snippet action to configure keyboard shortcut without opening editor
- Alt+Up and Alt+Down jump between blank lines (implemented as snippets),
with Shift they select text
- New command in View->Music View and Music View contextmenu: "Original Size"
- Optionally scroll Music View while highlighting objects text cursor is at
- In-place editing by Shift-clicking a note or right-click->Edit in Place
* Improvements:
- Copied images from Music View carry correct DPI information
- Autocomplete also looks for variable definitions in \include files
- Running convert-ly (or undoing it) does not erase point and click positions
- Saving a template now shows existing template names in a popup and warns
when (but allows) overwriting an existing template
- Much better default background color for the Music View
- When dragging the time slider in a MIDI file, program and controller changes
are followed (issue #26)
- On Windows, better try to find LilyPond even if it is not in the PATH
- Snippet editor warns when closing modified snippet
- Accelerators (the underlined characters) in menus such as Recent Files,
Session and Insert that are are automatically created, are determined in
a smarter way
* Bugfixes:
- fix Ctrl+K deleting a line too much in some cases
- fix RuntimeError on Ctrl+N, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+W
- fix TypeError on running convert-ly with English messages on Windows
* For Linux distribution packagers:
- The CC-licensed zoom-{in,out} icons are now replaced with GPLled ones
Changes in 2.0.4 -- March 7th, 2012
* Translations:
- updated: pl, nl, cs
* New features:
- view->line numbers
- in the documents list, it is now possible to right-click a group of selected
documents (or a directory name, if grouping is enabled), to close or save
multiple documents at once.
- automatic completion in the snippet editor
- python snippets may now define a main() function that can do everything
- new delete-lines snippet, bound by default to Ctrl-K
- splash screen on startup (can be turned off in the preferences)
* Improvements:
- opening many documents (e.g. a large session) is now much faster
- waiting for LilyPond to return information on Settings->Ok now does not
block the user interface anymore and shows progress if it takes some time
- built-in manual now documents settings and session dialog
* Bug fixes:
- fix icon theme index files not in source tarball (regression since 2.0.3)
- fix hyphenation dictionaries not in source tarball
- fixed memory leak (closed documents that had been shown remained in memory)
Changes in 2.0.3 -- February 17th, 2012
* Translations:
- New translation: Brazillian, by Édio Mazera, thanks!
- updated translations: es, fr, it, nl
* New features:
- pager in musicview toolbar
- tools->open command prompt to open a terminal window
* Improvements:
- improved "Comment" snippet; add "Uncomment"
- Home and Shift+Home now move the cursor to the first non-space character
- Shift+Return now does not enter a line separator anymore, which could
cause wrong point and click locations
- blinking rectangle highlights new cursor position on point and click
* Bug fixes:
- fix zooming Music View out while on last page (issue #32)
- changing keyboard shortcuts in preferences now works on Mac OS X
- fix { } or << >> inside lyricmode
- in doc browser, don't display bogus versions when network is inaccessible
* For Linux distribution packagers:
- the bundled Tango icon set is now used as an icon theme, which makes it
possible for distribution packagers to remove the icons/Tango directory and
instead make Frescobaldi depend on the tango-icon-theme package.
Changes in 2.0.2 -- January 16th, 2012
* New features:
- optionally run LilyPond with English (untranslated) messages
- print button in help browser and documentation browser
* Improvements:
- "Manage templates" command added in File->templates menu
- more snippets in Insert menu
- context menu on snippet list
- enlarged some too small icons
- added some more hyphenation dictionaries
- file entry fields (like in preferences) are faster
- on non-X11 platforms the maximized state of the window is remembered
* Bug fixes:
- make terminating LilyPond work under Windows
- make convert-ly work under Windows
- snippet import/export now works in the Windows-installer binary
- PDF now correctly updates when "Save document on compile" is enabled
Changes in 2.0.1 -- January 8th, 2012
* Updated translations: cs, de
* Bug fixes:
- fix accented letters in filenames on Windows
* Improvements:
- some hyphenation dictionaries are now bundled
- font preference for documentation browser
- new self-contained installer for MS Windows
Changes in 2.0.0 -- December 26th, 2011
* Updated translations: fr, nl, es, it, cs
* Bug fixes:
- when changing LilyPond instance that was default, keep it as default
* New features:
- new dialog and snippet to set the fonts for a LilyPond document
- the tabs can be hidden and shown via the mainwindow context menu
- autocomplete on #'font-name, with font preview
* Improvements:
- Shift-F1 (What's This) now works in dialogs
- the tab bar can be hidden via the main window context menu
Changes in 1.9.5 -- December 20th, 2011
* Updated translations: es, nl, cs
* Bug fixes:
- charmap now avoids characters "narrow" builds of Python can't handle
- fix incorrect midi tempo when midi file contains tempo changes
- fix importing the pyportmidi._pyportmidi module if that is used
- really honor 'delete intermediate files' option
* New features:
- Documents list with optional per-directory grouping
- helper applications can be specified to override operating system defaults
- list of generated files in LilyPond menu
* Improvements:
- tooltips in music view show variable name of music definition
- search bar in documentation browser
- autocomplete on \include, \language
- other small cosmetic improvements
Changes in 1.9.4 -- December 5th, 2011
* Updated translations: es, fr, nl
* New features:
- Engrave custom dialog for specifying other engraving formats and options
- Character selection tool to insert characters from all unicode blocks
* Bugfixes:
- fix crash on 64bit Linux and Windows introduced in 1.9.3
Changes in 1.9.3 -- December 1st, 2011
* LilyPond Documentation browser:
- multiple versions of LilyPond documentation can be browsed, local and remote
* Bug fixes:
- fix missing result files for documents with square brackets in filename
- fix error message when running LilyPond on modified document with a name but
which was never saved before (happens e.g. when opening a non-existing file)
- fix crash when MIDI synth stopped or disconnected while playing (issue #4)
- fix using PortMidi via ctypes under 64bit Linux (issue #3)
- fix error message on invalid textedit links
- fix scrollbars covering search box in some GUI styles (issue #2)
* Improvements:
- lyrics hyphenation doesn't require text to be selected anymore
- don't try to load non-existing file when clicking a point-and click link
- cursor now remains in same column while moving vertically after indent
- add articulations etc to autocompletion
- dont show the log if the user aborted a job
Changes in 1.9.2 -- November 11th, 2011
* Translation updates: es, nl
* New features:
- Built-in MIDI player
- Snippets can also be put in File->New from Template. When triggered via that
menu, a new document is created. There's also a command to save the current
document as a template.
- Import and export of snippets.
Changes in 1.9.1 -- October 11th, 2011
* Translation updates
* Help in much more dialogs
* New icons for some commands
* It is now possible to set the preferred Qt GUI style
* Always makes backup copy on save, config setting to retain it
* Detailed version info in about dialog
* Lots of small improvements, such as:
- Apply Rhythm dialog remembering rhythms
- snippet error messagebox now has Edit Snippet button
* New commands:
- Cut and Assign
- Copy to Image
- Tools -> Format to format whitespace
- Update with Convert-Ly (with diff view)
* Bugfixes:
- fix error message on View->Clear error marks
- fix autocomplete picking second item if no item is highlighted
- some Parser (highlighting) fixes
- color buttons now show color on all platforms
- fix error message on saving settings if no LilyPond was installed
Changes in 1.9.0 -- September 27th, 2011
* Full rewrite, not depending on KDE4 libraries any more
* Much more modular internal design, easier to add features
* All translations imported
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