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OpenSDP College-Going Pathways (Stata)

This repository contains web guides, Stata data visualization code, and sample data to help education data analysts answer questions about patterns and trends in students’ on-track status in ninth grade, high school graduation, college enrollment, college persistence, and patterns and trends along the education pipeline. The College-Going Pathways materials can also be accessed on the OpenSDP website at

The code in this repository is based on code from the "Analyze" section of the Strategic Data Project Toolkit for Effective Data Use, modified to work with synthetic data generated by the OpenSDPsynthR data simulation engine. The College-Going Pathways guides and code will also work with college-going analysis files prepared to the SDP data specification.

Files in this repository are organized into the following folders:

  • docs contains College-Going Pathways web guides

  • figures contains college-going charts generated by the Stata do files

  • data contains a college-going analysis file generated by the OpenSDPsynthR data simulation package

  • programs contains do files used to generate the charts and web guides

    • Do files with a _webdoc suffix generate both charts and web guides using the Stata webdoc package
    • Do files without the _webdoc suffix are automatically generated versions of the do files stripped of webdoc commands and markdown content
    • Files with a .zip suffix are used for delivering the stripped do files through the OpenSDP website.

    Run to loop through the individual do files, generate the guides, and generate stripped and zipped versions of the chart code.

These materials were originally authored by the Strategic Data Project.

OpenSDP is an online, public repository of analytic code, tools, and training intended to foster collaboration among education analysts and researchers in order to accelerate the improvement of our school systems. The community is hosted by the Strategic Data Project, an initiative of the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University. We welcome contributions and feedback.