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iOS Example



Greenwich is a framework for easily allowing users to translate Cocoa applications.


Greenwich allows users to translate your Cocoa applications quickly and conveniently using a simple interface that is packaged directly within the application:


As a translator works through the strings in your application, she can simply relaunch the application at any time to see the changes directly in the app. This significantly improves the feedback loop for translators and will result in better, faster translations.

Greenwich has been built both for translators and for developers. As a developer, you'll no longer have to think about localization again. Greenwich has scripts that integrate directly into your build process — strings will be extracted from both your xib files and your source code as you go. Set it up once, and forget about it. Your strings files will always be kept up to date, and Greenwich will do most of the heavy lifting for you. Enough talk, let's get this thing set up already!

Setup & Usage

Setup and usage for iOS and Mac are documented on the setup page.


Greenwich is currently compatible with Cocoa applications running on Mac OS X 10.6+ on x86_64 and iOS 5.0+. For Mac OS X applications targeting i386, please use a 1.x version of Greenwich.


Greenwich is distributed under the MIT License. Enjoy!