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This project is best explained by visiting the website.

Once you're there: click one of the little tilesets, then click on the big tileset that loads (note this pane can scroll left/right), and then draw. If you want to draw on top of the stuff you put down, add a layer. You can then change layers to return to drawing beneath stuff you put down on higher layers.

You can mix and match content from all of the tilesets on the left. Just click on a tileset to load it onto the palette. It won't mess with what you've drawn.

You can save/load maps using the export/load buttons inconveniently placed in the tileset control pane, pushing the scrollbar just out of visibility and making painting excruciatingly annoying.

The meta stuff doesn't really do anything at the moment -- map title, author, description etc is just empty dumb fields I left in the html.

Todo / Dream list

  • event support
  • uploading your own tilesets
  • working with multiple maps
  • supporting the meta data I already have on the page -
  • saving maps to localstorage
  • saving linkable maps to the server (this is a long way off)
  • more advanced drawing functions (rect, fill, line)
  • backgrounds
  • custom tile-sizes
  • tile editor
  • tileset editor
  • being able to play your map
  • loading other asset types (e.g. music, animations)
  • map teleport events
  • passability
  • links between different users' maps?!
  • text-box support
  • repository of loaded images
  • saving image data w/ map
  • resizing maps - DONE

potentially lots else, I'm sure :D