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It's Tetris, sort of!

Yeah, yuck. It's coming along but presently not the greatest. This project is just a reason to use the Creek engine/framework/whatever a little bit to try to hone it into something more useful in general. You can see a demo of some version of this game at wcarss.ca/tetris.

What's Creek?

Fancy you should ask! It's a (very old-style js) simulation/game engine thing I wrote for the heck of it. You can check it out over at its github., or see a small demo of it running here. It's very much a work in progress.

Is this good code? Can I learn from this or make money from it?

Haha, no, probably not.

Can I try anyway / use it somewhere though?

Yeah! Like Creek, this work is published under the MIT License. You can check out the specifics of what that entails in the License file. Don't worry about contacting me to use anything here, but if you have questions or want to anyway, hit me up at carss.w@gmail.com