Simple, lightweight monitoring webapp using PHP, jQuery, ping and nc.
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simple, easy to use jQuery frontend to php backend that pings various devices
and changes colors from green to red depending on if device is up or down.

main goal is simplicity/clean

config.xml has most of the guts

online demo:

I have no idea how to add screenshots but they're files in the project.


  - config.xml
    + this has most of the guts in standard xml format.  I tried to add
      comments when specifying variables.  Most are not being implemented yet.
    + the index.php file is designed to traverse 3 levels of "tags" inside 
      <devices> starting with <ping>
    + all devices inside <ping> will be pinged using the system command
      ala "shell_exec()" in php.
    + <switch> is used for all of my switches that I'm monitoring at work (180)
      this can really be changed to anything as long as it's consistent
      e.g. <server>, <accesspoint>, <laptop> etc...
    + <local> or <main> is used to describe it's location...  again, this can
      be anything as long as it's consistent. e.g. <local>, <remote>, <dell> 
    + <device> should stay the same.  it *might* need changing in index.php
      if you change it
    + <ip> and <name> are the IPs and names of the devices.  <ip> is used for
      quite a bit of heavy lifting, changing this tag will require quite a few
      changes in both index.php and ping.php

  - index.php
    + main page that you see.  quite a bit going on here, try to follow the
      comments if you wish to do some major changes.  It's designed to
      traverse 3 levels of "tags" as specified in the config.xml.  You can
      increase or decrease this as you see fit.
    + all javascript is written out.  I use some PHP to create the javascript
      strings needed.  I'm not good with javascript (or PHP really) but... yeah
    + some of the missing features from config.xml will be implemented in here

  - ping.php
    + backend function that performs the necessary pinging and socket testing
    + ?updateTime will return time in a nice, pretty format
    + ?ping= will use "shell_exec()" to ping a remote device.  timeout set in
    + ?socket= will perform a socket test using 'nc' from the "shell_exec()"
      timeout is set in config.xml->backend->timeout
    + everything is getting returned in json format for the jquery callback to 
      easily parse the stuff and to set it up for more info later on (possibly)

  - main.css
    + it was getting a bit crowded in index.php so I broke it out.


Known issues:
  - centos 5.7 doesn't have a supported version of PHP out-of-the-box
    json_ecode() requires PHP >= 5.2; centos 5.7 ships 5.1.6
    you can install the pecl package json to add support
  - not secure making "shell_exec()" calls without parsing

  - Linux (shell calls), PHP (simpleXML support), jQuery (color change)
    nc, ping, Apache (with php mod)