A collection of useful scripts for writing R code in Sublime Text2
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Rtools for Sublime Text 2

This package provides a couple of useful tools for people using Sublime Text 2 to code in R. It has the key bindings to send a selection of code to R, and can also generate Roxygen documentation templates for any function quickly (select first line of a function till the first {, press keybinding and it will generate a template with @params from the function definition).

We plan to add functionality of formatR so you can format/tidy code inline to the next version. Please suggest other feature requests as issues (preferably tagged as a feature request).


Installing via Package Control: The fastest way to install is via the command palette (open command palette, type in Install Packages, and once list is populated look for R tools)

If you don't have package control installed, the just clone this repo into your Sublime Text 2/packages directory

git clone git@github.com:karthikram/Rtools.git


  1. Since I am on OSX and use R64.app, I have set it up that way. If you prefer to use 32-bit R, replace R64 with R in the Rtools.py file. In windows (untested), you should set it to the R.exe file you wish to use.

  2. I have included a basic roxygen template to populate the section above each file. If you prefer to have fewer or more fields, I will move it to a settings file in a future version. For you you can edit Rtools.py or post it as an issue and I will update it.

Key bindings

To preserve or change these key bindings, copy them to your Key Bindings - User file.