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# ${R_HOME}/bin/BATCH
version=`set - ${revision}; echo ${2}`
version="R batch front end: ${R_VERSION} (r${version})
Copyright (C) 2000--2006 The R Core Team.
This is free software; see the GNU General Public License version 2
or later for copying conditions. There is NO warranty."
opts="--restore --save --no-readline"
usage="Usage: R CMD BATCH [options] infile [outfile]
Run R non-interactively with input from infile and place output (stdout
and stderr) to another file. If not given, the name of the output file
is the one of the input file, with a possible '.R' extension stripped,
and '.Rout' appended.
-h, --help print short help message and exit
-v, --version print version info and exit
--no-timing do not report the timings
-- end processing of options
Further arguments starting with a '-' are considered as options as long
as '--' was not encountered, and are passed on to the R process, which
by default is started with '$opts'.
See also help('BATCH') inside R.
Report bugs at ."
while test -n "${1}"; do
case ${1} in
echo "${usage}"; exit 0 ;;
echo "${version}"; exit 0 ;;
timing=no; shift ;;
--) shift; break ;;
-d|-g) opts="${opts} ${1} ${2}"; shift; shift ;;
-*) opts="${opts} ${1}"; shift ;;
*) break ;;
out=${2-`basename ${1} .R`.Rout}
if test -z "${timing}"; then
export R_BATCH
## this used to set options(echo=TRUE), but that is the default
## except for --slave, and why inhibit the latter?
## need to put -f first in case user does --args
${R_HOME}/bin/R -f ${in} ${opts} ${R_BATCH_OPTIONS} >${out} 2>&1
### Local Variables: ***
### mode: sh ***
### sh-indentation: 2 ***
### End: ***
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